Thammasat University, 14 May 2014

Thammasat University, 14 May 2014

About school rainbow

The School Rainbow campaign aims to bring attention to bullying and violence experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people in Thailand, and around the world.

It is launched in commemoration of the 2014 International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), which takes place every year on 17 May.

The campaign will promote the drawing of rainbows, symbolizing diversity, around school gates and other settings where youth meet. Planned, orchestrated and executed in partnerships with students, schools, and communities, it will also bring rainbows into the classroom with support from IDAHOT lessons on sexual diversity, acceptance and the right to education.

Join us! Stand up. Speak out. Stop Bullying!

Get chalking

The school rainbows for this year's IDAHOT are just the beginning. We hope you're feeling inspired to chalk your own rainbows at your school to show your, your friends' and your schools' support for LGBT classmates across Thailand and around the world. 

It's easy to do. Here's a few pointers to get you started: 

  • Work together with your school or university
    Before you jump into chalking up the school yard, make sure you've sought permission from your school. Get them on side first and they might even help by providing chalk and making time for you and your friends to do it. 
  • Get a chalking team together
    Many hands make light work, as they say. Not only that, the more people you can get helping you to chalk, the bigger, more creative and more impressive your rainbow will be. We chose to chalk in the evenings so students get a surprise when they arrive the next morning. 
  • Have fun chalking!
    Bring music, food and drinks to keep the busy bees happy as they work. Have a plan for your artwork but don't stick to it if other people have good ideas too. Draw, get creative and just have fun. 
  • Arrange a follow up discussion
    School Rainbow isn't just pretty pictures. Each of our participating schools followed up the chalking with classroom and panel discussions about bullying and the rights of all students, LGBT and otherwise, to a safe learning environment and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. 
  • Take lots of photos and video and share them with your friends and us
    We're sure you won't forget to take photos of your school rainbow. Share them with your friends and we'd love it if you could post it to our Facebook page or Instagram using #schoolrainbow and #IDAHOT. We'll then share it too. 

Participating schools

Throughout the week commencing 12 May 2014, we will chalk rainbows in the following schools and post photos and video here afterwards:  

You're welcome to join us any of these early morning chalkings!

On IDAHOT day itself, 17 May 2014, students will also converge upon the Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre (BACC) for a youth sharing and empowerment workshop on bullying.  The workshop, organized by Anjaree Foundation and Thammassat University, will link to broader IDAHOT activities planned in Bangkok. 


The School Rainbow initiative was developed by the Asia and the Pacific regional offices of UNESCO and UNAIDS. Youth Voices CountYouth LEAD and APCOM are also implementing partners. Financial support for the initiative has been provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands. 

IDAHOT Lesson Plan

To help mark the day in schools, UNESCO Bangkok has developed lesson plans for teachers and facilitators. Drawing on material created for 2012 IDAHOT (themed “Combatting Homophobia and Transphobia IN and THROUGH Education”), these plans have been adapted based on research on the issue in Thailand. The plans aim to promote tolerance, prevent homophobic bullying in schools and create safer learning environments for students and educators. The lessons are intended for primary and secondary school students, targetting different age groups. Download English or/and Thai